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(no subject) [May. 29th, 2011|09:37 pm]


fuckyeahsamjanet.tumblr.com fuckyeahsamjanet.tumblr.com fuckyeahsamjanet.tumblr.com
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IDF Sam/Janet Ficathon Announcement and Schedule [May. 6th, 2011|01:14 pm]

Here is the schedule for the International Day of Femslash Sam and Janet Ficathon:

May 6th, 2011, Friday: Opening of sign ups for authors, artists and vidders. Official post for sign ups and prompts post created for prompt submission.

July 4th, 2011, Monday: Close of sign ups and last day to withdraw from the ficathon. Close of official prompts post.

July 13th, 2011, Wednesday: Stories, graphics and videos due no later than midnight Pacific Standard Time. (You may submit your entry at any time before this date.)

July 16th, 2010, Saturday, International Day of Femslash: Release of entries from the queue.

The ficathon/community rules can be found here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask via comment in this post, or by contacting me by private message or email.
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(no subject) [Feb. 28th, 2011|09:48 am]

Title: 5 Times Sam Wished She was Better at Things Not Related to Science
Pairings/Character: Samantha Carter (with Sam/Janet)
Ratings: G
Words: 1, 114
Disclaimer: Not my character, not my show. Lol.

click here

Title: Hum-Worthy
Pairings/Character: Jack, Sam/Janet
Ratings: M18
Words: 1, 044
Disclaimer: Characters and show not mine. Boo.
Setting: Idea inspired by the elevator scene in “Chimera”

click here

SG1 fanfic masterlist for stargateland Big Bang challenge here
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(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2011|03:12 am]

20 icons for stargate20in20

Character: Janet Fraiser (Round 21)


the rest HERE @ j19_icons
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Search for a fic [Dec. 17th, 2010|09:30 am]


I hope someone can help me. I don't remember much of this fic, but maybe it's enough...

Sam and Janet are together and they argue, Sam broke a cupful of tea and she returned hurt from a mission. Janet is really angry and doesn't notice Sams injury...

Hope that's enough! 

Thanks in advance. :)

- Lilly

Crossposted to stargate_search 
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Last To Save, Worth It All. [Oct. 17th, 2010|01:09 pm]

Title: Last To Save, Worth It All.
Author: oneofmanynamesCollapse )
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It's Coming.... [Oct. 4th, 2010|11:20 am]


Wow! It's already October!  Am I the only one wondering where all the time has gone? It won't be long now for the Sam and Janet Ficathon. You still have to the end of the month to sign up and/or leave prompts.

October 31st, 2010, Sunday
: Close of sign ups and last day to withdraw from the ficathon. Close of official prompts post.

November 7th, 2010, Sunday: Stories, graphics and videos due no later than midnight Pacific Standard Time. (You may submit your entry at any time before this date.)

November 11th, 2010, Thursday: Release of entries from the queue.

If you have any questions, please comment, PM, or email me.

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Between Life and Death - Prologue [Oct. 2nd, 2010|01:23 pm]


Title: Between Life and Death
Author: Schattentaenzerin & Blood-Angel
Fandom: Stargate SG-1/Twilight
Pairing: Sam/Janet (other minor pairings)
Rating: PG-13, later NC-17

Category: Romance/Drama
Chapter: 1/56
Summary: What began as an opportunity, turned soon out to became the first step in a new life for Samantha 'Sam' Carter. But soon she is embroiled in a bloody battle for the truth and she has to choose! Life or death? Friendship or love? Werewolf or vampire? Jack or Janet?
Warning: Femslash, Slash, Hetero, later sex and torture ...
Disclaimer: We own nothing.
A/N: This is an AU with the same plot of Twilight (okay, there are some big chances but the main plot is the same) with the characters of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.
Knowledge of these fandoms isn't necessary.

Word count: 157 words, overall ca. 82.000 words

Link to my LJ

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Help... [Sep. 18th, 2010|03:02 pm]


It's my first post here and I hope you can help me! In my free time I often translate (okay, and write) Sam/Janet-Fics into German. For Christmas I want to surprise my readers with a Christmas-fic.

Sadly I only found this fic...

I saw Mommy kissingSanta Claus by Debbie

It's an amazing fic and I would be happy to translate it, but I find no way to contact the author to ask for the permission....

So I want to ask. Do you know this author or do you know other Christmas-Fics?

Hope you can help me and thanks in advance. :)


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Sam and Janet Ficathon [Jun. 14th, 2010|01:37 pm]

The new Sam and Janet Ficathon and its dates have been announced.

There is an official sign up post and an official prompt post. And you can find the rules here. Please come and help us celebrate the Sam/Janet goodness!

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